June 18, 2012
IBM’s Sequoia takes #Top500 supercomputer first spot

IBM’s Sequoia takes #Top500 supercomputer spot

An IBM supercomputer installed at a U.S. laboratory has achieved the top speed rating in the world, ending Japan’s one-year reign atop a ranking that is considered crucial for scientific research and national defense. IBM’s Blue Gene/Q design took four of the top 10 spots in the latest Top500 list.

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Meet Sequoia - a computer that takes just one hour for a calculation that would take 6.7 billion people 320 years http://bbc.in/Lw8U0qBBC News (World)
Sequoia さん、まぢSequoia  !! http://twitpic.com/9xrprrNaoto MATSUMOTO
Infographic - IBM’s Supercomputing Chopsibmphoto24
NNSA Sequoia supercomputer takes worlds fastest title, prevents nuclear testing - http://engt.co/N8metSEngadget
#Top500: Countries: US is #1 with 253 systems, China is #2 with 68, Japan #3 with 34, UK #4 with 25 & France #5 with 22 systems. #HPC #ISC12HPC Guru
Sequoia, an IBM Blue Gene/Q computer is the fastest super computer in the world. #Top500 http://ibm.co/MAroOksmarterplanet
IBM Sequoia Supercomputer Is The Worlds Fastest http://goo.gl/fb/4At9LGeeky Gadgets
Sequoia instillationibmphoto24
The world has a new fastest computer. It’s really fast. http://huff.to/M22hVkHuffPostUKTech

June 6, 2012
Technical Computing Goes Mainstream

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July 7, 2010
IBM Installs Hot Water Cooled Super Computer

IBM Installs Hot Water Cooled Super Computer

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