June 28, 2012
Open technologies for the next era of computing

Robert LeBlanc presents on Open Technologies at RedHatSummit

Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president, software group, gave a keynote address to the 2012 RedHat Summit on open technologies for the next era of computing.

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2012 Red Hat Summit: Robert LeBlanc, IBM Keynoteredhatvideos

Robert LeBlanc talking to ZDnet

IBM: Open source is not winning the war in virtualization, cloud … yet | ZDNetOpen source is driving much of the innovation in the tech sector but there are key challenges in virtualization, cloud and big data, one …
“We have to get to open virtualization. There is still a lot of churn in this world and when it comes back to virtualization and the cloud, too many people are trying to control the pieces. A VM is not a VM is not a VM. There are too many variations and clients are struggling with that. KVM here is very important,” said IBM Vice President Robert LeBlanc, about the open source hypervisor incorporated in Linux and backed by Red Hat.

Reaction on Twitter from attendees

Robert LeBlanc now on stage at #redhatsummit - presenting open technologies #RedHat - talking tech affecting every industry & countryLarry Carvalho
Robert LeBlanc of #IBM: any CIO worries about cyber security which is the silent killer that can have an impact on their business #RedHatLinux At IBM
Robert Leblanc: for first time in 10 years IBM CEO survey shows technology = #1 external force affecting business, was market before #redhattonyiams
Robert LeBlanc has big focus on Linux as historical success but future is BigData with open source #RedHat #redhatsummitLarry Carvalho
Robert LeBlanc: # IBM commited to Linux, all systems support Linux, 500 IBM programmers/engineers contribute to LinuxLinux At IBM
Robert LeBlanc: Open Virtualization & BigData are two areas for open source innovation #RedHat #redhatsummitLarry Carvalho
Robert LeBlanc: KVM is really really important, challenge to audience, how do we bring it to the next level? #openKVM #RedHat SummitopenKVM
KVM provides choice and quality in open virtualization - Robert LeBlanc #IBM #redhatjackieyeaney
Robert Leblanc: open virtualization = key challenge, other virtualization platforms are innovating faster than KVM #redhattonyiams
OpenStack critical to the success of Open Cloud - Robert LeBlanc at #Redhat SummitPauline Nist
Robert LeBlanc of #IBM: Be Open in the next era of computing and be the catalyst #RedHat SummitLinux At IBM
Video: Red Hat Summit: Robert LeBlanc, IBM Keynote: http://bit.ly/M2I9UB #redhatRed Hat, Inc.
Cloud, open source, APIs, SOA…IBM’s Robert LeBlanc knows it all! - great keynote from him @RedHatSummit http://fb.me/2fxKkNMT9atmosphere_api
Note to #RedHat and all SW companies…while 50% of enterprise SW rev is driven in the US only 35% of servers are in US. #RedHatSummitMatt Eastwood, IDC
IBM Vice President Robert LeBlanc discusses Open Source. Read about it here http://bit.ly/Opensource #opensource #cloudStephanie Lindamood

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