November 29, 2012
Why should the CMO and CIO should work together?

Toronto: IBM CMO-CIO Leadership Symposium, Nov 29

A one day event highlighting the developing relationship between the CMO and CIO in business. Most recent tweets at the top.

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Follow the event on Twitter #CMO #CIO. Before then take a look at some of the background to our CMO study and why the CMO-CIO partnership is vital for business. Follow IBM’s CMO Jon Iwata on Twitter @coastw
#IBM Deepak Advani-Interaction & Attitudinal data is what you need to get full 360 view of your dataset.Not just description data. #cmo #cioLizaShu
#IBM Deepak Advani- treating customers equally from popular coffee chain: LATTE=Listen,Acknowledge,Take Action,Thx them,Explain #cmo #cioLizaShu

Deepak Advani, VP Business Analytics 

'Understanding each customer as an individual'

#IBM Deepak Advani, presenting #CMO #CIO about understanding each customer as an individual Tenten
#IBM Deepak Advani: VP Business Analytics is now on stage at the #CMO #CIO Leadership Event in Toronto
Designing your culture and brand so they are authentically one. Now is a Marketing function. #cmo #cio #IBM Toronto eventLizaShu
Companies have a new imperative to design culture and brand to be uniquely one says IBM’s Iwata #cmo #cioCarrie Bendzsa
Jon Iwata: Talks about understanding each customer as an individual. What is your data connection strategy? #cmo #cioLizaShu
Big data makes it possible to understand customer as an individual says IBM’s Iwata at #cio #cmo summitCarrie Bendzsa
Jon Iwata: Data can anticipate needs of customers before they have been publicly declared. #CMO #CIOJohn Fredette
Learning from IBM CMO Jon Iwata how the world of influencing customers is changing rapidly & dramatically #CMO #CIO Quig
#IBM Jon Iwata @coastw on stage #CMO #CIO presenting The Era of the Chief Executive Customer Tenten

Jon Iwata, IBM CMO

#IBM #CMO Jon Iwata talks about the possibility of data and analytics for consumer insight. #cio Bendzsa
John Lutz, GM of IBM Canada opens CMO-CIO Symposium in Toronto. #CIO #CMO #bigdata Iwata
Follow the tweets of the IBM symposium on CMO-CIO leadership with CMO Jon Iwata #IBM #CMO #CIO Rodgerson
#IBM GM John Lutz is speaking now at the #cmo #cio Leadership symposiumLizaShu

John Jutz, GM IBM Canada

John Lutz kicking off the Canadian CMO/CIO Leadership Forum. #cmo #cio Fredette
Synchronization index - COO owns the organization, CIO owns the technology, CMO owns the customer interfaces - Stephen BrobstPaul Winsor
Looking forward to CMO-CIO symposium in Toronto tomorrow… big data & analytics = smarter marketing #cmo #cio #bigdataJon Iwata

Digital, mobile & social changes are disrupting business models. #CMO redefines value delivered to customers

Enterprise Transformation through Marketingsmartercommerce

Are you close to the marketing ideal – and does it matter? Article says 2011 #CMO Study provides intriguing clues

The Gap Between the Vision for Marketing and RealityBy Philip Kotler, Bobby J. Calder, Edward C. Malthouse and Peter J. Korsten The growing number of chief marketing executives reflects the…

CIOs help shape CMO’s transformation agenda & your ideas needed: Expert Jon Iwata @coastw on #CMO #CIO partnership

Center for CIO Leadership: HomeCenter for CIO Leadership ExecutiveDirector Joerg Winkelmann Center for CIO Leadership Executive Director Joerg Winkelmann addressed some…

From previous CMO CIO events

What We Learned at the CMO+CIO Leadership Exchange ” A Smarter Planet Blogby Ann Rubin, IBM’s VP of Brand Expression and Global Advertising IBM recently brought together almost 200 chief marketing officers and c…
IBM to CMOs and CIOs: Work Together or Become Irrelevant - ForbesFew skilled positions, if any, are further apart than the CMO and CIO. The former is known for being creative and extroverted, the latter…
The Future of Marketing: CMO + CIO Leadership Exchangeibm

April 11, 2011
What’s happening at IBM Impact 2011


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