November 20, 2013
New Era of Smart

June 27, 2012
Wimbledon: Data, Instagram and Analytics

Data Analytics - Winning at Wimbledon

"In sport and business, data can also be used to assess performance in all areas to identify what a business or sportsperson must do to increase their chances of success. If you don’t work with data things become unpredictable. Analytics can help you to predict the future."

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Data analytics: the business of winningThe 1991 Wimbledon championships were memorable for many reasons, including Michael Stich and Steffi Graf ensuring that Germany made a cl…
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Wimbledon - Android Apps on Google Play3 days ago … Follow all the action LIVE during the fortnight with the official Wimbledon app. The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Champ…
The official #Wimbledon iPhone & Android apps are now available to download from the @AppStore and Google Play store
Official Wimbledon app for Android available in Play Store with live …I know there are a lot of Wimbledon fans here who would love to get live updates of … Well, I guess IBM has heard your needs, because t…
"I’m sorry my iPhone mates, you will not be getting this app, this is exclusive to the Android platform and is free of cost. The app has a lot of features.." The Droid Guy
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Wimbledon in the clouds

Data hungry audience wants continuous access to the experience of Wimbledon.
IBM at Wimbledon 2012, Deeper Engagement Hosted on the Cloudibmsmarterplanetuk
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Wimbledon SlamTracker Infographicibmphoto24

Visit the official Wimbledon site

2012 Wimbledon Championships Website - Official Site by IBMThe official site of the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Club is presented by IBM. Follow The Championships, get live scores a…
IBM behind's new designIBM isn't just sponsoring Wimbledon's official web site. It's providing the tech brains behind the real-time tournament stats.
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March 8, 2011
Four ways Watson helps business analytics


delaney_turnerby Delaney Turner

There’s been no shortage of speculation about what Watson’s Jeopardy! success means for real-world business now that the lights have dimmed on the replica set and Alex…

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November 5, 2010
Future of analytics

IOD Keynote: Computational Mathematics and Freakonomics

I attended the keynote this morning, on the theme of looking forward: first we heard from Mike Rhodin, an exec in the IBM Software group, then Brenda Dietrich, a mathematician (and VP – finally, a female IBM exec on stage) from the analytics group in IBM Research. IBM Research has nine labs around the world, including a new one just launched in Brazil, and a number of collaborative research facilities, or “collaboratories”, where they work with universities, government agencies and private industries on research that can be leveraged into the market more quickly. I’ve met a few of the BPM researchers from the Zurich lab at the annual academic BPM conference, but the range of the research across the IBM labs is pretty vast: from nanotechnology, to the cloud, to all of the event generation that leads to the “smarter planet” that IBM has been promoting. She’s here from the analytics group because analytics is at the top of this pyramid of research areas, especially in the context of the smarter planet: all of our devices are generating a flood of events and data, and some pretty smart analytics have to be in place to be able to make sense of all this.

The future of analytics is moving from today’s static model of collect-analyze-present results, to more predictive analytics that can create models of the future based on what’s happened in the past, and use that flood of data (such as Twitter) as input to these analytical models.

I have a lot of respect for IBM for trying out their own ideas on systems on themselves as one big guinea pig, and this analytics research is no exception. They’re using data from all sorts of internal systems, from manufacturing plants to software development processes to human resources, to feed into this research, and benefit from the results. When this starts to hit the outside market, it has impacts on a much wider variety of industries, such as telco and oil field development. Not surprisingly, this ties in with master data management, since you need to deal with common data models if you’re going to perform complex analytics and queries across all of this data, and their research on using the data stream to actually generate the queries is pretty cool.

She showed a short video ciip on Watson, an AI “question answering system” that they’ve built, and showed it playing Jeopardy, interpreting the natural language questions – including colloquialisms – and responding to them quickly, beating out some top human Jeopardy players. She closed with a great quote that is inspirational in so many ways, especially to girls in mathematics: “It’s a great time to be a computational mathematician”.

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